PixaLyfe NFTs are your ticket to the PixaVerse.

PixaRun - The first NFT-exclusive Arcade Game

Own a PixaWizard NFT? You can play PixaRun!

Check out the game here

Native ecosystem token: $PIXA

Use $PIXA to purchase PixaLyfe NFTs, level up your NFTs, and unlock exclusive content in the PixaVerse metaverse platform. Early adopters will receive exclusive airdrops.

Shared commercial rights.

Both the owner of the NFT and PixaLyfe Inc. is permitted to use the NFT artwork in with no limitations. We retain shared rights to commercialize in order to allow for large scale game development in the future based around these collections.

Custom smart contracts.

All future collections released in the PixaLyfe ecosystem feature custom smart contracts with unique baked in tokenomics that will interact with the native $PIXA token as well as other NFT collections.


Explore. Create. Experience.

The PixaVerse metaverse platform is built on the Unity game engine and is a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Players can explore the worlds in the PixaVerse, interact with other users, claim land to build structures, and complete quests to uncover the secrets of the PixaVerse!