The PixaLyfe NFT Ecosystem

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New to PixaLyfe NFTs? This is the place to start! Read through the information on our NFT collections, the native $PIXA erc-20 token, and how the WizarDAO influences the ecosystem. This project is building towards the PixaVerse, a metaverse experience where you are able to play as/with your PixaLyfe NFTs in the 10 worlds of the PixaVerse!


NFT Collections

All PixaLyfe NFTs exist in the PixaVerse, an immersive metaverse experience being released in Fall 2021. The NFT collections fall into different categories:

Factions: The main factions that populate the PixaVerse.

Creatures: The creature companions for the Faction collections.
Items: Items to collect and use in the PixaVerse.
1/1s: 1/1 artwork showing off the PixaVerse and PixaLyfe NFT ecosystem

Collabs: Collaborations with other NFT creators!

WizarDAO Token: Community and $PIXA governance NFT with artwork designed by emmy-award winning digital artist Tim Riopelle.

Land: Own land in the PixaVerse metaverse (release: Fall 2021, land distribution in 2022).

$PIXA Token

$PIXA is the ecosystem token used to exchange for PixaLyfe NFTs, upgrade properties on your NFTs, and for use in the PixaVerse metaverse.



On every transfer:
- 1 $PIXA from the transaction gets redirected to the WizarDAO.
- 10 $PIXA is minted to the WizarDAO.


WizarDAO members vote on the use of this $PIXA redirected to the DAO wallet. In this way, the WizarDAO governs the tokenomics of $PIXA.

Use cases:

- Exchange for PixaLyfe NFTs.

- Exchange to upgrade properties on your PixaLyfe NFTs.

- Use in the PixaVerse metaverse game (release: Fall 2021).


The WizarDAO

The WizarDAO’s main function is to control the supply and tokenomics of $PIXA in the PixaLyfe NFT ecosystem. Secondary functions include funding community projects, governance, and voting on project direction.

What is it?

Who is a member?

The WizarDAO token is your membership to the WizarDAO. This token is a ERC-721 collectible designed by Tim Riopelle, an emmy-award winning digital artist.

How to join?

PixaWizard NFT owners are able to claim 1 WizarDAO token for every Wizard they own starting Sept 30th 2021. DAO tokens will also be available to be purchased on opensea.


The PixaLyfe NFT ecosystem is centered around building a framework for the PixaVerse metaverse experience being released in Fall 2021. The NFT collections will give you access to a 3D voxel version of your NFT for use in the PixaVerse. The $PIXA token is the in-game medium of exchange and can be used to upgrade and purchase additional Pixalyfe NFTs. The WizarDAO governs the supply of $PIXA, and will influence the greater project direction through community governance. 

Join the PixaLyfe community and help us build the PixaVerse!

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