Fall 2021 Roadmap

Sept 30th - WizarDAO claim begins. There will be no time limit on this, you can claim anytime. The only stipulation is the WizarDAO won't be functional until we get 10% of the tokens claimed.  

Oct 28th - PixaWitches "Faction" release! These will be a collection of 2000 NFTs with some permanent properties and some upgradable properties. You will interact on our site to upgrade the properties by exchanging $PIXA, which will change the metadata! 

Mid-November - Next "Creature" release
End-November - Initial PixaVerse release

Other items in progress over that time period:

Updating website to be more clear on how the PixaLyfe ecosystem works, creating infographics for posting on twitter explaining how $PIXA, the WizarDAO and the NFT collections function, Rarest Wyvern auction, more relics "Item" releases, limited merch drop to the PixaLyfe community. 

Items to revisit in December:
- Plan for the PixaBrews (migrate to proper contract or remain on opensea storefront contract)
- On chain image storage on arweave (metadata for witches will be on chain)
- Next faction & creature launches
- PixaRun update
- Full merch plan