The WizarDAO

The WizarDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that  operates in tandem with PixaLyfe to manage the supply of $PIXA, certify new PixaLyfe collections, and support community projects! The WizarDAO tokens will be distributed to PixaWizard owners in September 2021.

$PIXA Tokenomics

During each $PIXA transaction, 1 $PIXA is redirected to the WizarDAO contract, and 10 more $PIXA is minted to the WizarDAO. This makes the token initially inflationary. The DAO has the ability to redistribute, burn, or hold these royalties and can vote on the use of these funds using the WizarDAO token.

FullColor_1280x1024_72dpi (1).png

ERC-721 Token

The WizarDAO token conforms to the ERC-721 standard and is designed by emmy-winning digital artist Tim Riopelle!

Are you a member?

If you own a PixaWizard, you may be able to claim a WizarDAO token! Check here:

Already have a DAO token? Here is the voting interface: